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Although we intend to add more study programs as we are able, at the present time CRBI offers only one track - a Master's of Service in Biblical Studies. This program is a full two year study of 60 credits and 18 courses. A number of the courses contain a lab; the course also requires a final exam for completion.

This Biblical studies track is centered around five specific courses investigating the reality of what it means and how it is that the Lord Jesus Christ can live inside of us and we inside of Him. Thus it is a study of a word Paul invented and placed at the heart of his gospel, symmorphos, or, in English, symmorphy, two persons, Christ and us, sharing the same form.

The program begins, however, with a study of our precious union with Christ, a grounding in the Biblical basis of that union inside the longing of our hearts to know the Lord. A close look at the two ways in which the Bible is read and studied is also included - whether to intellectual knowledge or to life. At this point, the booklet "The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible" is presented to the learner for his or her consideration. 

This program is divided into six Modules containing three courses each. The learner is enrolled in all three courses in any given module at the same time and is able to work on any of the three as desired. All three courses in a module must be completed, however, before the student progresses to the next module of three. This arrangement allows for around three months of time for each module, or one month per course. 

The following layout contains all the courses in Biblical Studies Degree Plan laid out in the perspective modules. At the bottom of the page is the same thing in PDF form.

Biblical Studies Degree Plan
Master of Service in Biblical Studies

Module 1
ChServ 101 Living in Union with Christ (3 credit hours)
This course includes The Rest of the Gospel by Dan Stone and Greg Smith as well as Hearts of Flesh by Fred Pruitt and The Hyper-Grace Gospel by Paul Ellis. The first course in Christian service and living is designed to introduce the student to living in union with the Lord Jesus Christ in the present time. The course presents how we abide in Christ and Christ in us as the most important concept in the Bible. The student will also investigate the issues of a gospel of grace.

ChServ 102 Seeking to Know the Lord (3 credit hours)
This course includes excerpts from Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence and from Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon, as well as Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. The course presents the gospel as “Jesus lives in your hearts by faith” (Ephesians 3:17), including our need to know Him. The student will explore the meaning of knowing the Lord Jesus as a journey of fellowship. The student will also address the question of his or her own deepest heart desire.

BibSt 505 Hermeneutics (3 credit hours)
This course includes the text Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul, as well as the texts Knowing God by Scripture and The Ten Most Important Verses in the Bible by Daniel Yordy. Biblical hermeneutics concerns the study of the interpretation of the Bible. The course explores how we approach the Bible to best know what God means for us through the various parts of His word. The student will engage in a contrasting of knowing God personally as Spirit and Life against knowing Bible ideas about God. The student will also make a determination regarding continuing on to Module 2.

Module 2
GenSt 110 College-Level Writing I (4 credit hours, includes Lab)
This course focuses on writing skills with a minimal amount of grammar fitted to the needs of the individual student. The student will find a clear and easily followed path to knowing how to write well. The course includes three essays that will be sent to the instructor three times each. That means the student will know clearly what revisions are expected before any final grade is issued.

Symm 510 Symmorphy I: Purpose (4 credit hours, includes Lab)
This course includes the text Symmorphy I: Purpose by Daniel Yordy as well as readings from Into His Image by Dr. Paul Brand. The course investigates God’s purpose for creation and for us through an in-depth exploration of the ten most important verses in the Bible. Symm 510 Symmorphy I: Purpose is the pre-requisite for all other courses in Symmorphy and must be completed successfully before starting other Symmorphy courses.

BibSt 515 The Feasts of the Lord (3 credit hours)
This course includes the text Feast of Tabernacles by George Warnock as well as the text The Feast of Tabernacles by Daniel Yordy. The course demonstrates how the unfolding of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives is built on the journey of Israel and the Feasts of the Lord that marked the key events in that journey. The final experience of God for His church in this age is presented as the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles, just as Passover and Pentecost were fulfilled.

Module 3
GenSt 111 College-Level Writing II (3 credit hours)
A continuation of the writing skills learned in GenSt 110 with a further exploration of how to write a solid research paper for college courses. The student will practice research skills, compile and analyze information, and write and revise a research paper using full MLA style and documentation.

Symm 520 Symmorphy II: Essence (4 credit hours, includes Lab)
This course uses the text Symmorphy II: Essence by Daniel Yordy. The course lays a Biblical foundation for all of our thinking about God, about man, about Christ, and about salvation. The final work of the course will be the student responding to those four concepts, using only what God says in His word. The course also explores the fall of the church into Roman darkness and the faraway Jesus that was created in “Christian theology” at the bottom of that fall.

BibSt 525 Studies in Hades and Judgment (3 credit hours)
This course uses the texts Creation Jubilee by Dr. Stephen Jones, Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie as well as selected excerpts from Preston Eby. The course continues an exploration of the questions inside of “What is Hades?” that are opened up in Symm 520 Symmorphy II: Essence. The course does not require the student to “take a position,” but only to look honestly at what God actually says in the Bible about Hades and judgment.

Module 4
GenSt 250 Science and Logic: A Christian View (3 credit hours)
This course uses a selected text on thinking logically and scientifically including articles by John Rappaport on the need for logical thinking. Readings on a Christian view of science are also included. Then, the course includes a segment of investigation of the electrical theory of the universe using texts and videos from the Thunderbolts Project. Articles on how the electrical theory supports the Biblical accounts of early human history will also be included.

ChServ 330 Living in the Holy Spirit (3 credit hours)
This course includes the texts The Holy Spirit and His Gifts and How to Be Led by the Spirit of God by Kenneth Hagin as well as the text When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles by Bill Johnson. The course gives both a Biblical and a corresponding experiential foundation for the student to live in and experience all the power and life that living IN the Holy Spirit means for us now.

Symm 530 Symmorphy III: Kingdom (4 credit hours, includes Lab)
This course uses the text Symmorphy III: Kingdom by Daniel Yordy. The course turns the student of symmorphy outward towards the outflow of God’s intention to order the new creation by life. Included in that investigation is a definition of God’s kingdom as a fully successful Christian church walking this earth, what that reality is and means according to Scripture, as well as a close look at how all the victory of Christ is fulfilled through God’s sons as that victory brings to an end all the lying of the old creation.

Module 5
BibSt 535 Studies in John’s Vision (3 credit)
This course uses the text Through Eyes of Fire by Daniel Yordy as well as readings from Preston Eby and others. The course leads the student into an understanding of the book of Revelation that seeks to find the revelation of Jesus Christ, by the gospel, in every part of the vision. The course sets aside those interpretations that do not find the Jesus of John’s gospel in his vision by enabling the student to see how every part of that vision applies to every believer in Jesus in every generation of the church.

Symm 540 Symmorphy IV: Covenant (4 credit hours, includes Lab)
This course uses the text Symmorphy IV: Covenant by Daniel Yordy as well as The Rose Guide to the Tabernacle. The course seeks to understand the meaning of this Covenant God has entered into with us, a Covenant that binds His Person entirely to ours and ours to His. In that investigation, the student will engage with an in-depth study of the tabernacle of Moses as the terms of the New Covenant are structured upon that picture. In this study, however, the student will follow God’s path from the Holy of Holies out into all the concourses of this world.

ChServ 530 Preparation for Service (3 credit hours) 
This course includes the texts The Early Church and A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards along with other readings. This is a study of Christian brokenness. The course investigates the practice of God in stripping away all desire to be a “leader” from His chosen vessels and the life-proving of what it means in practical terms to learn to lay down one’s life for the brethren. Sadly, as such things go, the term “ministry” has come to mean, not a servant, but a leader. Christ is the life of each one who belongs to Him; we serve Christ in our brother in utter awe, we do not lead Him.

Module 6
ChServ 410 Ethics in Service (3 credit hours) 
This course includes the text Biblical Ethics by Oswald Chambers as well as other readings on Christian ethics. Union with Christ does not remove from us the desire to move in righteousness towards one another. The term “ethics” refers to the principles by which we determine the right way to handle every kind of relationship issue. The course argues that union with Christ is the only source of true righteousness, that is, dealing with other people in a manner that honors God inside of them. Contemporary ethical issues in Christian community are also examined from a biblical perspective.

Symm 540 Symmorphy V: Life (4 credit hours, includes Lab)
This course uses the text Symmorphy V: Life by Daniel Yordy. The course brings into our view the wondrous relationship between the Spirit of Christ and the Body of Christ, the Spirit and the Bride. That relationship we call Church; it’s practical experience for us is Christian community, brethren walking together in love. The course covers the breadth of Scripture that shows us how this relationship of Church in the Spirit works out in all practical application.

ChServ 540 Studies in Christian Community (3 credit hours) 
This course uses a number of texts and readings on the practical experiences of different Christian communities throughout the history of the church. It is the hope of Christ Revealed Bible Institute that this course can include a practicum for the student, to come and see Christian community in operation, to visit for at least three weeks, and to practice walking together with other believers in Jesus in the daily affairs of life as members one of another in the purity of the gospel.

Final Module (Examination required)
Comprehensive Examination: Final Examination
A final examination is required of each student in order to be confirmed in graduation with a certification of completion of Christ Revealed Bible Institute’s Biblical Studies Degree Plan. This final examination can be either a written paper covering many aspects of symmorphy as the student has come to know the Lord Jesus, or it can be an oral presentation given during the visit to Christian community.

Here is the same thing in PDF form for downloading and printing.

Biblical Studies Degree Plan.pdf