Welcome to Christ Revealed Bible Institute

Give My people hope.

In a lifetime of walking with the Lord Jesus, those words are the only thing I have ever heard Him tell me to do. That was in February of 1998; if I could take you to the place and the season of my life, you would understand. After twenty-two years of seeking to know Him with all my heart and at great cost, I had NO hope at all.

“Give My people hope.”

That was the lowest point in my Christian life. I did not even now what hope was. Yet now, twenty years later, I want to extend to you the one gift I am able to give you.

I want to give you HOPE.

But what is this hope? Hope, for me, is very specific and very Biblical. My hope is the full answer to the deepest desire of my heart.

To be like Jesus, to be like Jesus,
All I ask is to be like Him.
All through life's journey from earth to glory,
All I ask is to be like Him.

To be filled with Jesus? To be just like Him. To be with Him. To stand by His side as He comes in His glory. To have him, at that moment, acknowledge you as His own. To know that, in His triumph, He is counting on you. To hear Him say, “Well done, My friend, faithful and true.”

Is there anything else?

I am writing this letter to you based on an assumption I have about you. I suspect that, on this matter, you and I are the same. For us, nothing else exists.

“Now wait a minute, Yordy,” you are probably thinking, “what exactly are you claiming when you say you are able to give me hope?”

Let me make a very bold promise to you. I promise you three things. If you commit yourself to the Biblical Studies program at Christ Revealed Bible Institute and faithfully complete all the courses offered, I promise you three things.

1. You will KNOW what it means to be one with the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. You will KNOW what it means to be just like the Lord Jesus, to walk as He walks.
3. You will KNOW what it means to hear Him say to you, “Well done, My friend, faithful and true.

You have to know that making such a bold claim would be entirely beyond me – unless –  I knew with all certainty that the Lord Jesus (not me) will give you these three things through the time you spend with Him through this program.